Bubble Pop!

August 16, 2019


Scroll down below and help the cute little Prawn reach the Gold coin at the end of the pond. Be warned though, the fishes want to make things it harder for the little guy by shooting blue bubbles at it while it's trying to reach its goal.
Avoid the bubbles by Jumping out of harm's way!

This game was made by one of our RealFun students after he got inspired by his "Frog Hopper" Class. Give it a try and don't let the bubbles hit you.

>> Tip: You can try and stop the fishes by drawing a line around them.


Instructions - [How to move the little Prawn]:
< On a Phone or Tablet >
- Move your finger around when touching the screen to move.
- Click the screen to Jump


< On a Computer >
"UP" arrow key = To move UP
"DOWN" arrow key  = To move DOWN
"RIGHT" arrow key = To move RIGHT
"LEFT" arrow key  = To move LEFT


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