Wei Rui's Journey to the Moon then Mars

August 28, 2019


In light of his recent interstellar achievement, we at RealFun thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of the programs Wei Rui created in the short time he's been with us to show how proud we all are of how far he's come since starting his Tynker journey with us. We would also appreciate it if you could take some time to scroll down below and give some of his programs a try since he worked really hard to create them. So without further ado, let's get this show on the road~


Chapter 1: 10 Week Challenge
Wei Rui was introduced to us by another RealFun student while they were working as a team competing in a statewide science/storytelling competition. He officially started joining our classes after entering our previous 10 Week Challenge, wherein the span of 10 short weeks we would teach our entire 201 Programming course and get all the contestants to create a final program that showcases all they've learned throughout the experience to stand a chance to win the elusive "Travis" Drone at the end of it all. Although he didn't win it, he still made quite a few interesting and unique programs throughout it all, two of which were games: a Halloween Face game and a Multiplayer Shooter game (submitted as his final program). One of his games surprised us since he was the only contestant to add a multiplayer function to his final game.


Chapter 2: Game Creation classes begin
Sometime after the 10 Week Challenge, he decided to join our Game Creation Course after having a lot of fun and meeting new friends during the competition. The 1st few lessons were used as a sort of refresher course to teach and remind students how to use or manipulate Conditional Loops and Sensing blocks. During this time, Wei Rui made 3 games called Zombie Attack!, Catch the Pigs and Tron.


Chapter 3: Game Creation 2.0
After getting the hang of things, his creativity started to skyrocket in his next 3 class assignments: Bubble Pop, Ice-Cream Game and Escape the Kitchen. Although he was a little quiet and reserved during this period since he wasn't paired up with any of his old friends due to class timing differences, it didn't stop him from adding complicated strings of code or unique elements to his games. A good example of this was during his Escape the Kitchen game, where he was the only student to hatch up the idea to add a Multiple Course Meal system within his game.


Chapter 4: Game Creation (With friends)
He started to get more comfortable in class once he was finally able to be reunited with some of his old friends during class. Together, they fed off each others' creativity and push one another to achieve bigger goals while constructing their games. This was also the phase when we started introducing our students to Physics code blocks and how to use them in Tynker. The 3 Programs he worked on during this phase were Space Maze, Geometry Art and Domino Effect.


Chapter 5: Moon to Mars Challenge

The challenge was not easy for Wei Rui since he kept running into problems while creating his patch. To be honest, he almost didn't submit his world winning patch if it wasn't for a random series of last-minute critical decisions. This was because he had to redo his patch 3 times since his laptop kept crashing on him and what's worst was that he wasn't able to save any of his progress on his patch whenever that happened. This forced him to start from scratch each time, almost giving him no time to add animation or his personal message. It really was through sear willpower that he had it in him to complete and submit it.


In conclusion, all that effort was worth it and we hope to see greater things from him in the near future. Congratulations again Wei Rui, you've made us all very proud of your achievements.

Chapter 1: 10 Week Challenge 

(Mini Project) Halloween Face Game

Create a spooky Face for Halloween!

Instructions: [How to create a face]
< On a Phone or Tablet >
- Touch the On-screen buttons


< On a Computer >
- Click the On-screen buttons



(Final Project) Multiplayer Shooter game

Grab a friend and see who has the edge in this amazing Multiplayer Shooter game

Instructions - [How to control the Players on Computer]:

< For Player 1 >
"W" key = To move UP
"S" key  = To move DOWN



< For Player 2 >
Move your Mouse-Pointer around the screen to move UP and DOWN
Right Click on your Mouse-Pointer to SHOOT

Chapter 2: Game Creation classes begin

See if you can wipe out all the Zombies.

Zombie Attack!

Instructions - [How to move the little bug Monster and hidden Superhero]:

< On a Phone or Tablet >

- Move your finger around when touching the screen to move.


< On a Computer >

- Move your Mouse-Pointer around the screen to move