Chicken Warrior Kart Film

August 9, 2019


A film like many other forms of media is just another way to express one's self. Although rare outside of our Storyteller Course, we do teach all our students some form of storytelling that they can use in their programs to flesh them out.


Back from the infamous Chicken Warrior series, we have another program from the same student that we would like to show everyone today. This time it's a simple Kart Animation with some physics applied to the program and inspired yet again by the game Mario Kart.

Scroll down below and see what daring adventure our Great Chicken Warrior is up to this time.


Instructions: [How to play the animation]
< On a Phone or Tablet >
- Touch Chicken Warrior's Kart on Screen.


< On a Computer >
- Click on Chicken Warrior's Kart on Screen.


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