A Chance Eevee Encounter

August 12, 2019


Every budding Pokemon trainer loves to have an Eevee on their team because it allows them to evolve it to any Eeveelution they want to complete their perfect team.

Everyone has their favorite Eeveelution because it can represent a digital form of pride and joy to most, but can also be an extremely challenging and random experience too.
So what if you could use that concept of "Random" eeveelution somewhere else?

That idea inspired one of our students to make a cool Random Clicker Style game with all the different eeveelutions of Eevee after learning how to do our "Magic Potion" tutorial the other day. Scroll down below and give it a try, see what eeveelution your Eevee evolves into.
>> Tip: All the evolutions say something different

Instructions: [How to evolve]
< On a Phone or Tablet >
- Touch the Pokemon


< On a Computer >
- Click the Pokemon


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