Naruto vs. Sasuke

June 25, 2019



Although we should never promote violence towards one another, sometimes the only way to sort things out is with a good fight.


Inspired by a very popular Japanese anime at the time called "Naruto", our student decided to create a short and sweet stickman-style animation program with what he learned in his previous class after seeing an amazing fight scene involving his favorite characters; Naruto and Sasuke. The student is still working on the program but feel free to scroll down below and watch what he's made so far.


Bonus Information:
In the anime "Naruto", Sasuke and Naruto were best friends who after straying different paths in life end up reaching opposing life goals, they eventually sort out their differences after facing off with one another.


Instructions: [How to start the animation]
< On a Phone or Tablet >
- Touch the play button


< On a Computer >
- Click the play button


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