Veggie Shootout

April 19, 2019



"We don’t want to tell our dreams. We want to show them." - Cristiano Ronaldo


Ever woke up one day and had a weird dream or a strong feeling in your soul that you wanted to play a shootout game with the famous Cristiano Ronaldo as the main character you can control?
Well, how about instead of kicking soccer balls, you could kick some nice leafy greens to stay healthy?

Honestly, neither have I but one of our students here at RealFun did! 
Scroll down below and give it a try. See how many Vegetables you can score with within the game's time limit.

"RIGHT" arrow key = Makes the Block move RIGHT
"LEFT" arrow key  = Makes the Plane move LEFT
"S" or "2" key = Makes Ronaldo kick the vegetable in front of him


Tip: 1 point for each vegetable.


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