Brick Breaker

April 5, 2019


"Everything starts with one step, or one brick, or one word or one day." - Jeremy Gilley


Since it was first introduced in 1976 by Atari, it has gone on to create one of the most well-loved genres out there in gaming today.
All of us has at least played one game of Brick Breaker once in our lives whether we realize it or not.
Today we would like for all of you to try a "Brick Breaker" type game made by one of our students here at RealFun.
Scroll down below and give it a try.
Watch out and don't let the Penguin drop!


- Move the yellow bar on the bottom right or left to save the little Penguin from falling down and to knock it back up to break another brick.

Tip [How to move] :
"RIGHT" arrow key = Makes the Block move RIGHT
"LEFT" arrow key  = Makes the Plane move LEFT


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