Ice-Cream Catching Game


Ice-Cream: It's delicious, cold, soft and sweet. It's said that there's nothing it can't solve and it can turn a frown upside down.

But do you know what's heartbreaking? It's when your ice-cream somehow falls to the ground. It's a very sad sight and one that can be avoided in this cool Ice-Cream Catching game made by one of our Realfun Students.

Scroll down below and try to save all the Scoops before they make a big mess on your screen. The Ice-Cream Cone on the side of the screen shows you which flavors you've caught. Try to catch all 5!

>> Tip: You can only catch an Ice-Cream Scoop with your Cone right before it hits your screen.


Instructions - [How to move the Ice-Cream Cone]:
< On a Phone or Tablet >
- Move your finger around when touching the screen to move.


< On a Computer >
- Move your Mouse-Pointer around the screen to move.


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