Last Tank Standing

June 28, 2019


It's a bird! No, it's a plane! Wait, what is that?
A mysterious flying object is causing havoc and it doesn't look friendly.
Scroll down below and watch out for the black trail it leaves behind in this cool Survival Tank game created by one of our younger students here at RealFun.

It was made after they got inspired by their "Hold That Mouse!" Class.
Give it a try and see if you can last 30 seconds long without exploding.


>> Tip: Watch out for the black trail it leaves behind, they're explosive!


Instructions - [How to move the tank]:
< On a Phone or Tablet >
- Move your finger around when touching the screen to move.
- Click the screen to Jump


< On a Computer >
"W" arrow key = To move UP
"S" arrow key  = To move DOWN
"D" arrow key = To move RIGHT
"A" arrow key  = To move LEFT


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