Chicken Warrior Crossing


Watch out for Lava in this simple yet slick Chicken Warrior Crossing program!
One RealFun student managed to surprise us all one week with an interesting moving Lava background in a program he's currently working on for his 'Chicken Warrior Series'.

It is actually very hard to come up with the right set of codes to make a proper moving background like a 'gif' when doing Block-Coding.
Although he's arguably not finished with the program yet, we wanted to showcase it because of the unique way he tackled the problem with both his art and coding skills. 

It really shows how the simplest things are not always the easiest to achieve in coding. 

Feel free to scroll down below and see this cool effect in his background.


Instructions - [How to move Chicken Warrior]:
< On a Phone or Tablet >
- Move your finger around when touching the screen to move.

< On a Computer >
"UP" arrow key = To move UP
"DOWN" arrow key  = To move DOWN
"RIGHT" arrow key = To move RIGHT
"LEFT" arrow key  = To move LEFT


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