Time to get creative!

February 1, 2019


Remember how in a previous blog post we said that coding can unleash the artist in anyone?

Well say no more, we have just the thing to please that inner artist in you.


Another one of our students made a drawing program for you to try. It's a little different to the previous 2 we showcased (Coding-can-unleash-the-artist-in-anyone, Stamping-In-Javascript), so feel free to give it a whirl down below. 



Click or press down on your mouse to leave a mark with the little black dot on the screen and release your finger to lift it up like a pen off paper. Click on the eraser on the side to erase everything you drew in the program. And click on the square colored boxes on the sides to either change your color, size or both. Experiment a bit and see what fun combinations you can make~


Not having enough fun? Check out other student projects here.

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