The Beginning of the Journey...

October 31, 2018

It has been roughly 1 year since I started this journey to venture into my own business, defining my own path, setting myself plenty of goals and do the best to achieve all of them.

I started the business to teach coding for kids in Miri (a small city in Malaysia for those who do not know), with the aim that I can help improve digital literacy of the next generation, not only consuming digital content, using technologies, but actually be a creator of it.


Looking back at this past 1 year, it has been eventful but not without its' rewards. I am lucky enough to have friends in Miri that helped me to kick-start when I first started. Especially those who helped me to recruit my first batch of students. Most of the first batch of students are still with me until today, creating awesome games, stories, apps, and many more. You can check out their projects here.

Since then, over 100 students have been engaged in coding. Some are very eager to continue and start making the next Microsoft product, while some are just “meh” and don’t really know what’s happening.