Coding can unleash the artist in anyone!

September 13, 2018


Ever walked down the street and saw a random branch just lying there on the ground or a random smudge on the wall when sitting in your room? Only to find yourself just staring at it thinking "Wow! That could make a great wand!" or "I think I see a Star in that smudge!" It's amazing what the mind can do once a person's heart is into it and coding is no different.


    One such student was always very artistically inclined and decided to put his doodling hobby to good use. Inspired, he made a program that could use a little dot on the screen controlled by the movement of the mouse to draw out anything he wanted. He even programmed it where the direction keys on the keyboard could change either the size or colour of the dot. Give it a try down below and get those creative juices flowing~


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