Coding Improve Problem Solving Skills

August 1, 2018

Most of the time when you code a program or game, you will experience various kind of bugs or weird issue which you will need to solve. Some may be easy, but some may just drive you crazy the entire day, weeks or even months. 


It is tough, but on the other hand, it will help us to improve our problem-solving skills. Often we need to break down the program into smaller chunks and isolate codes that work, with codes that don't work. It is an important part of overall problem-solving skill - problem decomposition. 

Have a look at the project below. This student spent hours worked on this game and every time when new thing added, it breaks another part of the game. However, he persisted and finally created this awesome game. 


Enjoy, and feel free to suggest what can be further improved, perhaps he will create a version 2, 3, or many more! 


Instruction: You will need a keyboard to play this game

A = Move left

D = Move right

W = Move up

S = Move down

Space = Shoot








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