Moon 2 Mars 'Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story' Challenge Winner

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself. - Galileo

We are proud to announce that one of our students has been selected by NASA for "Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story" Tynker Coding Challenge. Alvin Voon, the winner, is our second student to win the 'Moon 2 Mars' Challenges.

Over 700 entries submitted for this second round of challenge, and only 4 stories were chosen by NASA experts to win. 44 of our students from Realfun Learning Centre submitted their stories and most of them can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Tynker has partnered with NASA to create 'Moon 2 Mars' Challenges as a cool way to spark kids interest on STEM subjects, especially space related. These challenges were divided into 3 separate ones spread over a few months. Wei Rui, one of our students from Realfun Learning Centre won the first challenge in May and you may check it out here.

This time around, the challenge was to create and imagine a story with the use of Tynker about how each kid's life would be like as an Astronaut on the Artemis Mission in the Lunar Gateway. For example: how they would go about daily activities like conducting research or exploring the Moon's surface. It's a fun way to see how students think and use what they've learned in class to create intricate animations with an element of storytelling.

Students find it more difficult for this round of challenge due to the reason that non has any

experience in space or as astronauts. Furthermore creating a good story requires detail planning of the story flow, and putting together the right codes to make it work as per design. It was a tough challenge and some students did give up but we are glad that most of them persisted and made it through.

This challenge went live on Sunday, September 29th at 3:00 pm and close on Sunday, October 13th at 11:59 pm. Our students spent days and nights crafting their stories, designing their characters as well as putting all the codes together to create appealing stories.

"Enabling two students to win the Moon2Mars coding challenge consecutively is absolutely amazing. This proves that anyone can be successful, as long as you work hard and aim for the goal. I believe learning to code is critical to prepare anyone to be successful in this era, just like Sen Yu and Wei Rui! Congratulation again to both of them for winning the Moon2Mars coding challenge!" said Teo Yuang Teck, Owner of Realfun Learning Centre.

The prize for winning would be for their classroom to have a Live Video Chat with a NASA expert on 14th of December, same week as Computer Science Education Week Alvin, his family, and classmates, he will be celebrating his achievement on December 14, during the Live Video Chat with a NASA expert. This student was always one of the most creative we've ever taught and we're very proud of his achievement! Congratulations again Alvin Voon for winning and making us proud! You've earned this victory and all of Malaysia; especially Miri, Sarawak is proud of you!

The third and last 'Moon 2 Mars' challenge will be announced in the same month. If anyone is interested to learn more about what NASA and Tynker have planned for the future, you can find out more from their links below. If you would like to take a look at Alvin's Lunar Gateway story, please feel free to scroll down below to try it out. You can also view it on our YouTube channel, with the link below.

If anyone is interested in joining the next Lunar Gateway Challenge, please feel free to contact the Realfun Learning center for more information and help.

As a side note, our teacher is a certified Blue Ribbon Tynker educator. The highest certification from Tynker, the platform we use to teach our students coding in a fun and interactive way.

Our Winning Students' 'Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story' Tynker Program:

Our YouTube video and interview on Alvin's Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story Challenge Program:

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