Beyblade Battle Royal

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Time to get things in high gear! Duke it out in a Beyblade Battle Royale style game made by one of our Realfun students.

The game is simple; knock out the other Beyblades before the big one knocks you out and you'll win the game.

Our student got inspired to make it after learning how to apply "Go-To" and "Touch sensing" blocks the other day in class and couldn't wait to try it out in his own program.

Scroll down below to give it a try and feel free to tell us what you think about it.

>> Tip: Watch out for the Big Golden Beyblade Boss!

Instructions: [How to move your Beyblade]

< On a Phone or Tablet >

- Touch the screen to move

< On a Computer >

- Hover your mouse pointer around the screen to move

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